Health checks at home

Your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) will provide care after your baby is born, and until they are 4–6 weeks old. After that, your baby’s care will be provided by a Well Child provider, and you’ll be transferred back to your GP’s care.

The Ministry of Health has outlined the following details of what care your LMC should provide after baby is born:

  • conduct a detailed examination of the baby within the first 24 hours
  • conduct a further detailed examination of the baby within seven days of the birth
  • provide at least seven postnatal visits, including:
    • daily visits if you are in hospital (unless another arrangement is made with you and with the hospital)
    • one home visit within 24 hours of discharge from hospital
    • a total of 5–10 midwifery home visits and more if needed
  • provide support and information about breastfeeding and nutritionfor you and baby
  • assess your risk of postnatal depression and/or family violence, with appropriate advice and referral
  • provide you with information on immunisation and the National Immunisation Register
  • organise access to screening programmes for the baby, as outlined in the Well Child Tamariki Ora National Schedule
  • provide advice about contraception
  • provide parenting advice and education, and referral to community parenting support groups like Parents Centre and La Leche League

Source:  Ministry of Health, NZ.