While you are in hospital

Newborn Metabolic Screening Programme

All new born babies when they are born are screened to see if they are well and if they have any rare or life threatening metabolic disorders.  This pamphlet gives a detailed explanation of the different metabolic disorders that are being screened and the reasons why a blood sample is required. 


Newborn Hearing Test

While in hospital your baby will have a hearing test to check if baby can hear well.  This screening test does not hurt baby.  Remember you do have the right to ask questions and be fully informed, and discuss the information with your partner or family before agreeing to this test for baby. This pamphlet is a guide to this test, but if you want to know more, ask your midwife, doctor or the hearing screener who will perform the test on baby.


Bathing Baby

Babies are not routinely bathed in the delivery room. You will be able to give your baby a bath on the postnatal ward.  Always ask for assistance from the nurse, your midwife or a health care assistant to demonstrate how to hold baby safely in a bath tub.


Basic Life Support for Baby

You may be shown a video in hospital about how to perform Basic Life Support and/or First Aid on your baby.  If at any time your baby or child is not breathing, call 111 and start Basic Life Support straight away.  This video has an excellent demonstration of the steps you need to take if your child stops breathing.

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Content provided by Mary Anne Penberthy

Mary Anne Penberthy is a community midwife currently working for WDHB Waitakere. She qualified as a Midwife in 1998 and has worked for both ADHB and WDHB. She lives in West Auckland and is very lucky to have two grown up sons and one grandson. Mary Anne is of Samoan descent (Samoan Mother and Kiwi Father ). She has a very Pacific heart and loves working with Pacific mothers and their families, passing on knowledge and supporting them to improve their own health outcomes.