I’m planning to become pregnant

Folic Acid and Iodine tablets before and during pregnancy

I’m pregnant what now?

Antenatal and Newborn Screening Timeline
Are you a young parent?
Back care during pregnancy
Eating for healthy pregnant women
Family violence – are you ok?
Food safety in pregnancy
Information about Whooping Cough (Pertussis) immunisation during pregnancy
Medication safety during pregnancy
Parental leave: guide for employees
Pregnancy and activity
Services provided by your Lead Maternity Carer
What is family violence?
What is gestational diabetes?
What is pre-eclampsia?
When you drink alcohol, so does your baby
Who is eligible for Maternity Services in NZ
Your rights as a pregnant worker

I’m freaking out!

Stress and anxiety during pregnancy

Baby on its way

Animated clip of the different stages of labour and birth
Coping skills for labour
Labouring options - Caesarean Section
Labouring options – Induction of Birth
Pain relief options during labour
Pregnancy: Your baby's movements and what they mean
The stages of labour

I’m a parent

A toolbox for dads
Breast Feeding Resources
Breastfeeding and Working
Breastfeeding your baby
Car seats
Coping with a crying baby
Danger signs for babies and young children
Danger signs – baby and child sickness
Family Planning
Hiring car seats
Immunisation myths and facts
Mothers Matter: Support and Help
Postnatal Depression: Getting the support you need
SUDI prevention
Whakawhetu Resources